ABB ArcWelding PowerPac

ABB ArcWelding PowerPac 5.15

It is a geometry based off-line programming tool for arc welding programs
5.15.5335 (See all)

ArcWelding PowerPac (AWPP) is an add-in to RobotStudio, which is a unique, geometry based off-line programming tool for generating arc welding programs. The programmer defines weld locations on the CAD geometries and the system automatically creates robot positions in relation to that geometry including approach and departure positions.

AWPP provides superior process support for arc welding. The user has full control of torch angles because different reference coordinate systems can be chosen. The programmer can easily input the work, push/drag and spin angles either by typing in the desired values or by using sliding bars to achieve the best solution.

AWPP also provides an easy solution to save any robot path and re-create on similar parts, in same or different stations. This greatly reduces duplicate work when building up multiple similar stations.

AWPP automatically tests the reachability of the arm and generates the robot arm configuration, offering a more efficient way of programming.

In other words, it has never been easier to program arc welding robots!

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